Online Halloween Cards

Halloween is around the corner!


Always an enchanting holiday, filled with spooky images, these cards will add lots of fun to your Halloween!

Giving you just a peek at some of my new Che Bella Nota Halloween cards for the Fall, below.


PLANNING A HALLOWEEN PARTY?  Why not invite everyone with one of these fun invites?





Fun cards for everyone in the family – mostly new and a few of the favorites from past years!





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Hope you have a wonderful Fall and a frightfully fun Halloween!




Fall has arrived! The Halloween season is here!

The fun season we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.  Brightly colored leaves are now drifting lazily down in the fall air, while football games fill our attention.  Right around the corner is the holiday every little one loves and the child in all of us still loves …Halloween!

Share Halloween fun with family and friends by sharing fun and colorful Che Bella Nota Greeting Cards with them.  Cards designed for all who love this delightful holiday of fantasy. All of my Halloween card collection can be found at Here are a few of my favorites:







Hope you and your family will all have a frighteningly delightful Halloween!


Summer will be here soon with Fall following close behind – Start thinking Halloween Now!

I have designed some delightful new Che Bella Nota Halloween designs for the 2016 season.  Some of the new, as well as old favorites are displayed below.  I even have a variety of Halloween Party Invitations and Coloring Cards for young children that will say both “Happy Halloween” and send them an activity to complete.











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Have a wonderful Summer and hoping to see you for Halloween!

Halloween and Fun Fall Holidays are just around the corner

As the children start heading back to school soon, we all start looking forward with anticipation to the wonderful Fall Holidays that are just around the corner. I’m anxious to share with you here a few of my fun, new cards for Halloween – always the kick-off of the season of holidays that will be coming up soon. Again, my entire line of Halloween and Fall Holidays cards can be accessed in my Greeting Card Universe Shop at this link: Please come and visit soon!









It’s Time to Plan Halloween Parties

Now is the time to start planning your fun Halloween get-together – whether it be a costume party,
a haunted house for kids or a fall neighborhood block party.

The following may be helpful as you begin planning your party:

1) Decide what type of party you want this to be. Will there be costumes? Activities while there?

Where do you want to have your party?

2) Find the perfect Che Bella Nota invitations that reflect the fun you have in mind and remember that

the inside of the invitations on Greeting Card Universe are able to be edited with the specific wording

you prefer to use to share the details of your Halloween party.

3) Order invitations from Che Bella Nota at

by the end of September or before – to give your guests time to receive your invitations

and add your party to their schedule for Halloween.

4) Begin thinking about the type of goodies and drinks you want to have at your party – haunted treats and witch’s brew?

You’ll want to start checking for fun punch and snack recipes now.

5) After deciding on your party’s theme – start a list of all the items you will need:

* Make a definite decision about the food and beverages and what you need for their presentation and serving
* How will you decorate for your party? Will your house be a Haunted House? What special decorations will make it fun and scary?
* It’s never too early to start planning the costumes for the host and hostess and getting them ready.
* Decide on the special invitations from Che Bella Nota you want to use with all your party’s details
and Greeting Card Universe will mail them directly to your guests for you
* Be creative and have FUN!